We understand that there are only a few welders in the UK coded to weld pressurised gas pipes. The ability to weld pipes - on site - in situ - means less need for expensive flanges, and no need for the incredibly expensive compression type fitting system.

It is critical you know your welded is coded for pressurised gas systems - any leaks are - without doubt - life threatening and its better to know that all welding work has ben done to comply with legislation, by someone who understands their responsibilities completely

All Gas designs would be audited by Rick for compliance before works commence -ensuring all work carried out is in direct compliance with all associated regaltions and safety standards

Single Point Management means all Pipework is laid to Regulation

It's never just turn up on site and get started - the job begins the moment we receive the plans, and the hard work is all done in the planning in pre project co-ordination. Pre assembly of plan room Boiler Skids and pre fabrication of all large diamater gas pipework is undertaken.This means by the time the site work begins, its modular, organised, supply chain managed and installs are made to look effortless.

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