From Incoming Mains all the way through to plug sockets - A Complete Install Package

We have 2 fully qualified electricians capable of signing off on all electrical installation works, plus a team of experienced cable fitters - meaning no job is too large for us to take on.

As part of the project - we will design and build all electrical control panels needed - including boiler room control

its our responsibility to make sure all works are in accordance with current ISO regulation and all safety protocols are observed

A Good Specification means a Well Delivered Product

Miscommunication is always costly, and we make sure our proceedures and quality control take hold right from the beginning - by making sure every detail ot the required specification is clear. We then review it for compliance and can then come back to you with a competitive quote

Whats the Next Step ?

Get in touch - either by email or phone - send us any plans you have and we can start talking

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Dave MacDonald - Operations / H&S / Compliance / Customer liason 07860 146964

Office - 01283 819018