How DRM manage all your above ground service works and save you money 

 We have a team dedicated to all cable work - phones - data - security and all project managed as a single working unit.

This means no mis-communications between above ground contractors - no delays to your project - and equally importantly - cost savings to you as we can manage all the works under 1 controlled - well disciplined - management structure, instead of disjointed several crews, and pass those savings on to you.

We work with only quality controlled, accredited and vetted sub-contractors on the Mains provision for Gas Electricity and Water. Again - these are a working team and all understand their responsibilities to safety, and doing a great job.

Quality Control is the Key

We have worked hard to combine our experience into a robust and well controlled quality policy, which starts from the moment we see the plans and remains in place even after commissioning, as we offer long term service contracts with all our work.

We acknowledge our responsibilities in Health and Safety - and again - when most of the people on site are under our management, we feel secure that all safety protocols will be observed and everyone goes home at night. 

Safety procedures are built into our site by site quality control document,  that all workers have to sign before commencing work on site.

What's the next Step ?

  • We would require to see a set of the project plans in the office before meeting you on site - send a copy of those over and we will review the project and its detail

  • Meet us on site for a full project review

  • DRM to prepare a quote