DRM is the brainchild of Rick Sworder - with determination and commitment - he spent years training to be qualified in Gas / Electrical / Plumbing - and recently crowned off his qualifications by becoming a coded welder who are legally permitted to weld pressurized pipe systems - in situ - which is an incredibly difficult task.  The flexibility this offers when it comes to large installations makes DRM the ideal choice to get your gas installations done right first time and to the very best quality.   Adding to that his electrical and pluming certification makes him one of the most uniquely qualified site engineers in the UK, and one of only a handful in the world with this level of technical certification , with a history in some of some of the largest companies in the UK - adding Quality Procedures & Techniques - Health and Safety - Risk Assessment - Project Management - Engineering Design and Compliance with national and international Regulation. 

We have team of dedicated wiring engineers to complete electrical wiring - security systems - fire alarms and anything else cable related - an organised crew used to working together.

We have builders / plumbers/ ground works crews as well as long term sub contractor to handle Main connection to Gas and Electricity.

 Which is why we say - DRM are a Complete Site Solution for Warehousing Developers - we can take your building and turn it into a working warehouse ready for sale or rent.


Office :  01283 8190189                         mailto:sales@drmcss.co.uk

Jemma Sworder :

 Accounts / Operations  :  07800 910145



Rick Sworder Managing Director :       07534 812296